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mentorship Program 


Everyone Should Have a Mentor! 

The fastest way to success is to not do it alone!

 Why do all professional teams have a coach? Why do the world's greatest minds and athletes rely so heavily on coaches? 

Here's What Great Mentors DO!

  • They Keep you on track when you lose focus
  • They Share knowledge and experience helping guild you to avoid major pitfalls and take advantages of opportunities you might now see.
  • Offers you encouragement and support to keep going
  • ​Mentors help you stay disciplined and accountable
  • ​Mentors are sounding boards for idea, thoughts and emotions
  • ​Mentors can connect you with people, places and ideas you might not otherwise have access too! 
  • ​They are trusted advisors you can trust 

These are just a few of the many great reasons to start a mentorship program.

"If you're a new Entrepreneur I don't know anyone else you would want to coach you. Lee has all the experience and he's a great coach."

Rob S.

“I've known Lee for over a decade and he always seems to amaze me with his ambition. Many years ago I invested in one of his companies and it's been really great watching him and the businesses grow."

Colleen M.

“I've known Lee for two decades and watched him build 7 figure businesses from the ground up. If you're in a similar position and want to start your business, he is definitely the person you want helping you.”

Joel K.

“I've watched Lee conquer many demons over the years and still find success through pure hard work and determination. I think he can really help a lot of people through more than just business, but in life.”

Mike L.

What You Can Expect From This Program! 

  • Each and every lesson will be 100% live and completely open to questions and answers.
  • ​24/7 access to me personally via email to make sure you're always on the right track. 
  • ​12 weeks of incredible learning that will set you up for a lifetime of success. These lessons go much further than one business—they're generational. 
  • ​I will offer you a 100% money back guarantee if your not 100% satisfied at the end of 12 weeks 
  • ​Lifetime access to my social media groups and discounts on all my book and future classes.
  • ​Expect to be a business owner with confidence and clarity when this Mentorship program is over!
  • ​I record all the sessions for you in case you miss a class so don't worry! I've got your back
  • ​100% effort from me every day. I don't take days off when it comes to teaching. I will make sure you are successful. 

Learn From The

Ground UP

The Goal: Start or Improve Your Business 

Mentorship Length

12 Weeks

What is it?

This is a 12-week program for entrepreneurs who want to dominate business in any niche or economy. 

Lee will be sharing his knowledge and teach you the fundamentals of business so you can guarantee your success in your future. 

When does it start?

The mentorship program is geared towards entrepreneurs looking to learn the fundamentals of starting, building and operating a successful business. Also struggling business owners looking to shift there business into the next gear.


Why does it exist?

More then 95% of new businesses fail in the first year of opening the doors because they don't know the fundamentals. That's a terrifying number. Business is exciting to learn and super fun when you know you're going to win every time. Once you take this program, you will always be in the top 5%—I promise!

How does it work?

Each week, we will dominate a new discipline, turning you into one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country. We're going to cover everything from how to set up a new business, to growing and operating your business at the highest level. You will have clarity and certainty that your businesses will succeed from this point forward.

Who is it for?

This is for entrepreneurs who are excited about business and want to learn the right way. If your dream is to own your own business and learn from one of the best in the world, you want to be in this program. Ensure your business is set up correctly before you commit to spending time and money in the wrong places.

Where does it happen?

This mentorship program is taught live virtually. You will receive weekly emails with the content for the week and the link to join the mentorship call. If you miss a class you can just request a recording for that week and catch up. There will be live Q&A after each class to really make sure you get everything you need to be successful.

Our Goals For This Mentorship Program:

  • Lee's going to help you by showing you how easy it is to own and run a successful businesses.
  • Once you learn the 5 key fundamentals, you can apply them to any niche or business to ensure its success.
  • Why do you think investors can make a decision in 5 minutes without knowing everything about the business?
  • You only need a few key numbers! Your gonna have them!
  • The ONLY WAY for you to have a work life balance and control over your time and finances is to own a business and I can guarantee you it will be successful.
  • 100% THE BEST WAY to do that is through the Relentless Mentorship Program!

What We'll Cover: 

Lesson #1: Building A Better Future!

90% of businesses fail in the first year, But not yours, I'm certain of that! This class will set you up from day ONE, giving you the certainty your going require to succeed.  

Lesson #2: How to Start a Successful Business with Absolutely ZERO MONEY! 

I'm not going to hold back, were going to get you exactly what your looking for right off the bat. This lesson will change your life. You will never need a resume again! 

Lesson #3: Becoming A CEO in 30 Minutes 

In this lesson were going to open a new business, together, step by step. I'm going to walk you through registration, how to set it up properly and explain the different types of business, when were done you will have a business license!  

Lesson #4: Guarantee Your Success! 

I'm going to show you exactly how to guarantee your success. How to spend no money and make sure your products or services will be profitable. This is the beginning of your entrepreneur life! 

Lesson #5: Grow 10x Faster Then Your Competitors!  Rocket Fuel For the WIN! 

In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to get out of your own way and move at 10x the speed of ( the other guys).  These are the lessons that propelled me from 

6-8 figure businesses. Don't miss this one!

Lesson #6: Creating The BIG IDEA! 

How to come up with incredible ideas over and over.  Be the first to the show! 

Lesson #7: All The Tools In The Shed! 

I'm going to unload all my personal favourite suppliers, sites, tools, forms and everything your going to need to start off on the right foot. My connections will become yours. 

Lesson #8: Making Your Business a Full Time Gig!  

In this lesson, I'm going to set you up for making the jump. Here is were you gain the clarity you need and the certainty to make the move to your new business full time. 

Lesson #9: Building A World Class Team Free Of Charge

One of the scariest words in business are, lawyer, accountant, bookkeeper, employees! Not anymore and NOT TODAY! I'll show you how to build the best team in the world in a day free of charge. 

Week 10-12 ARE TOP Secret!  Do Not Miss Out! 

Some Great Bonuses Include: 

  • How To Make Raving Fans! 
  • The compass You Cannot Build Your Business Without!
  • How To Stay On Top Everyday! 

You Also Get...

The 30 Day Relentless Challenge

I had to go through years of study and paying different mentors hundreds of thousands of dollars to get my business education. But you won't have to because I'm giving you my entire Relentless Challenge course and swipe file right now!

This is going to make it faster and easier for you to come up with amazing product and business ideas. How? Because it walks you step by step through the each of my principles.  You wont have to take notes because you will have lifetime access. 

Total Value: $99

You've Got 2 Choices


If the Mentorship Program doesn't help you with exactly how to have a work life balance, control over your time and finances, set you up for further success without getting bogged down in all the technical stuff that doesn't seem to ever make sense; then I'll refund your money!

The Real Question Is...

Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out? Even if it only does HALF of what I've claimed today, it will pay for itself in the very first class.